Proven Tips and Strategies From Thriving And Successful Business Owners

November 02, 2023, by Tom Jawado

Proven Tips and Strategies From Thriving And Successful Business Owners by Tom Jawado

Over the years, we have witnessed the genesis of different businesses. Some of them fail in their infant stage while others thrive through a variety of hardships and become successful.

The business world is dynamic and ever-evolving. Businesses can either succeed or fail due to various factors such as market conditions, innovation and leadership to just mention a few. Nevertheless, businesses thrive and become successful; some start as small and grow into mega enterprises.

 Notably, many small businesses proudly sing praises of their achievements daily, but the question that often lingers is; what strategies do they employ, and what valuable tips can we benefit from their success stories?

Yamies Taxify

Months ago, I came across what today is among the most successful small businesses in Malawi, operating between Blantyre and Zomba districts. Yammie Taxify services finally filled the gap which had been left unattended for many years in Malawi. With a fleet of vehicles, which ferries university students, and businesses, workers have a story to tell and I had the privilege to hear it. Malawi is one of the countries with no ride-hailing services like Uber or ride share. Yamikani Tchongwe who is the owner and CEO of yammie taxify service saw this gap and utilized the opportunity. He started by hiring cars on a self-driving basis to having a fleet of cars and drivers helped by the first-ever ride-hailing app in Malawi for easy access

"I am passionate about this business and my enthusiasm has driven us this far"

It is to this date that I solely believe that passion and dedication are not just a recipe for a successful business but the most important tip every small business owner must have. Yamikan Tchongwe's tax business is a success on its own, penetrating the transport industry in a country faced with economic challenges and developing a market from its infants wasn't easy he added.

However, Christine, originally from Uganda, ventured into a different business niche, where her remarkable success not only speaks volumes but also caught the attention of one of Africa's most renowned content creators, "Wode Maya." After spending some time in the corporate world, Christine is now the co-founder of one of the most prosperous businesses in rural Uganda, known as "value farm." Her profits come from a successful venture into mixed farming. The Ugandan Born's mission was to make a change in her society through running an animal farm. When she was asked how she got herself into it, she did not shy away from testifying about how crucial it is to start small and grow big. “Plan, in farming you need to prepare so that you can enjoy “she added

Unlike Christine, Ahmad Muhidine decided to penetrate the clothing business. His entrepreneurial spirit rose as he embarked on the journey to own what is now popularly known as the Al-Hayat store.

As a fresh graduate, while waiting for other life endeavours, Ahmad opened a store in Mozambique. In his early days, he would travel to Dubai to buy what he terms as "modest clothes." I saw that for girls and boys to get that kind of modest clothes in my country was somehow hard; I decided to solve this problem. He now sits in the comfort of his home handling a chain of stores in Mozambique. Resilience, patience and a welcoming Customer-Centric Approach have marked his journey. He is undoubtedly a successful business owner who has learnt to prioritize customer's needs and provide exceptional service to build loyalty.

Briefly, Africa at large has lots of small successful businesses in operation, businesses of various kinds are born every day, and what I noted is that every business journey is unique, and what works for one successful business may not necessarily work for another. Therefore, it is essential to customize strategies to align with the specific needs and goals of each business, to enhance the chances of achieving success.

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