Social media marketing boosts small-scale businesses

April 16, 2024, by Tadala Fumie

Social media marketing boosts small-scale businesses by Tadala Fumie

Due to the increase in the unemployment rate, youths are venturing into different small-scale businesses to make profits and sustain their lives. In this digital age, many people are using social media to market their products and services, which has proven to be the best way to attract different customers across the globe.  

Social media outlets like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, and Tik Tok are boosting these small-scale businesses across Africa. particularly in Malawi, the use of social media platforms has helped many young entrepreneurs to promote and grow their brands. Social media helps many young businesspersons engage and interact with their customers and receive first-hand feedback.

In an interview with some of the young entrepreneurs, the evidence shows that more businesses are benefiting from social media marketing. Which includes; increased brand awareness, enhanced customer engagement, cost-effective marketing, targeted advertising, and increased social media page traffic.

With the increase in the number of entrepreneurs in the digital age, it is important to know how to grow your website traffic and attract customers.  Having relevant skills in digital marketing and the tools will boost your business.

Some of these include:

  • Content creation

Creating engaging and shareable content is key to success in social media marketing. You should be able to create visually appealing graphics, write compelling copy, and craft engaging videos.

  • Communication

Social media is all about communication, so you need to be able to effectively communicate with the audience. Have excellent writing and verbal communication skills and the ability to respond to comments and messages promptly and professionally.

  • Be tech-savvy

Keep up with the latest trends and updates

  • Creativity

Social media is a creative space, come up with fresh and innovative ideas to stand out in the competition. Social media marketing tools are boosting small-scale businesses, so if you want to grow and expand your business make sure you go digital.

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