Technology in Africa

May 13, 2024, by Ulemu Mzungu

Technology in Africa by Ulemu Mzungu

Technology is an important aspect of today’s world. From fingerprints to improvements in computers and smartphones, it always remains important to be in the loop with the ever-changing landscape of the technology industry and make sure that we’re not left behind in the fast-moving environment.

According to statistics, 75% of the world’s population is under the age of 35, and 42% of those reside in Africa. With these figures, there is potential to find innovative people who can drive the technology industry in Africa. As Africans, we need to discover the needs within the society we live in and incorporate technology into how it can help solve the issues we are faced with, but also how it can help to solve future problems. 

With technology being incorporated into everything we do, we need to embrace it. With an increase of internet users in Africa, due to the increase in the usage of smartphones, there is a market that we can serve in that regard. Many markets are involved with technology, You can take the example of Blockchain, robotics, cell phones, and more. Blockchain technology has taken a liking to many innovators because of the benefits that it can provide, it can be incorporated into supply chain management, cryptocurrency, and identity verification to name a few. 

Countries such as Kenya and Uganda have seen a huge increase in smartphone users in the last few years. The improvements in technology enable younger generations to fill the gap in technology improvements by taking advantage of the opportunities in the market. 

Though the potential is there, the problem remains that Africa is not well equipped to bridge the gap in technology advancements. Factors such as poverty and education, for example, hinder us from taking the next step in bridging technological development. Other factors preventing Africa from improving technologically are the cost of internet services and location as some areas can be restricted, thus limiting network coverage. 

African leaders need to give youth a chance to try and bring about change in the continent as well as the countries they reside. Internet access is something that is frequently being relied on in recent times and improvements need to be made to provide wider coverage for it in countries where it is lacking.

Africa is a continent rich in resources and if used correctly can greatly improve the lives of many. The youth are always ready to learn and we can invest in them and ensure that Africa is also a leading example in the ever-evolving technology industry it will bring about great change in their lives and the lives of those in Africa at large. 

Ulemu Mzungu

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