Combating the Electricity Crisis in Africa with Technology

May 27, 2024, by Ulemu Mzungu

Combating the Electricity Crisis in Africa with Technology by Ulemu Mzungu

Electricity is a necessity that we seem to rely on more and more. We use it various activities like cooking, cleaning, entertainment and more. In Africa about 600 million people lack the access to electricity which is an alarming number, especially with countries from other continents having more access to this. The issue is cause for concern as we know electricity helps to speed up day-to-day tasks such as boiling water for tea or having electricity to operate a business if you are in the production sector.

Making use of renewable energy resources would improve the electricity struggle the continent is faced with and put it in better standing in terms of efficiency. Africa has an abundance of renewable energy resources which they can use to improve the way they operate. Making use of these could bridge a gap in the energy crisis that is affecting the continent.

Using IoT to harness electricity

By using software development and programming to communicate and connect with other devices IoT is a viable option to generate electricity in the continent. The devices communicate with each other to transmit data as well as monitoring it. With the current infrastructure struggling to meet demands, Internet of Things will be a cost-effective way to solve the problem. Blockchain technology can help to ease the strain on the national grid by  decentralising the power from it. 
With BlockChain technology you can purchase electricity using tokens which is a type of digital asset. This can benefit rural areas the most as they struggle with access to electricity more than urban areas. 

Use of Smart Grids
Smart Grids are an emerging technology in Sub-Saharan Africa. Smart Grids use 2-way communication, namely consumers and producers. They also make use of smart metres smart devices to manage the use of electricity produced and how much demand is required to meet the needs of the consumer.Software developers in Africa can use trading platforms or smart metering systems to help improve Africa’s electrification issues which will be crucial to its growth.

With Africa’s evident potential and vast resources electricity generation in Africa will be improved by utilizing methods such as reducing cost and using renewable energy. Software developers involved in improving the electricity crisis can use decentralized solutions and up to date technology to replace outdated electricity generation equipment.

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