Social media monetization: a breakthrough for African content creators

April 16, 2024, by Tom Jawado

Social media monetization: a breakthrough for African content creators by Tom Jawado

With the advancement in technology, nobody hasn’t been left behind, most people nowadays use smartphones. for instance, in South Africa alone over 30 million people use smartphones. However, the usage of these smartphones is manifested in how people utilize social media apps for different purposes. For content creators, these apps create a platform for them to showcase their talents, spread informative messages, etc. whilst this is so, only a handful of African content creators know about monetization. generally, social media monetization is a process of generating profit or revenue from your social media audience. As a content creator using any social media app, here is how you can monetize.

Let’s assume you have a Facebook account with a large number of followers, if so, it means you are eligible to advertise other people’s businesses or products and services through your page and get a return from them.

Most African content creators are not aware of the fact that they can get paid for the content they upload on different platforms, for instance, “Tik Tok” the trending video-sharing app, gives out payment of different amounts to its users as part of a multimillion creator fund. Facebook and YouTube also pay more than $5 for impressions and views, respectively.

Did you know that creating brand awareness for your followers may earn you a living? all you have to do is to find a brand product, whose owners are eager to sell. Once found you can partner with them and sell their products to your followers at a discount while getting paid for doing so.

For African creators with a genuine and already built social media audience, you can simply give out your content in various subscription options. Every subscriber you get simply means a fortune in your pocket.

In a nutshell, social media monetization is a viable and legit source of income. For African content creators instead of traditionally generating profits from your content, monetizing your account is undoubtedly a breakthrough

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