Unzipping the myths around investments; where and how to invest.

April 13, 2024, by Tom Jawado

Unzipping the myths around investments; where and how to invest. by Tom Jawado

Since human beings found an existence on Earth, there is one thing clear that we have all worked for and still are looking for; That is to have some things of our own. Be it houses, cars, businesses and all that there is. But all in all having a business has emerged out as the only element everyone wants to have and build.

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Starting a Business – A Challenging Task

In line with the data, an average of 4.4 million people starts different varieties of businesses every year, however it is disappointing to understand that out of this businesses only a handful of them succeed. This is evident through what we witness and a renowned business man, author “Robert Kiyosaki” added that 95% of businesses fail Within their first 5 years.

It is true that businesses fail for so many reasons and out of all, one reason stands out as a core cause; And that is lack of knowledge on investment. Now when we are talking of investment, we refer to the process of placing of capital in expectation of driving income or profit from its use.

Investment Myths – What You Should Know

For instance, if you buy a car and start renting it out, that’s an investment and opening a supermarket is an investment too. Knowing where to invest and how isn’t clear enough. Most times it’s faced with a lot of myths that degrades people’s passion on investments. Myths on investment are many, some goes on to say that Investing in a business is for the rich only, some say it’s a risky thing to do.

But the truth is, it is possible no matter where and who you are. For us in Africa particularly, we possess every bit of opportunity to invest as we please. We live in a continent which is rich in all sectors. I can assure you, that knowing where precisely to invest and how to invest might earn you a fortune in a blink of an eye.

Choosing the Right Investment

But the question is where and how exactly can you invest.? First of all, before thinking of where to invest, you should have a plan on investment because doing so will help you to find an investment that fits your capability. While there are so many fields where you can put your money and expect a return, there are only a few that can guarantee you a low percentage of failure and fruitful returns.

Real Estate – A Less Risky Investment

Real estate Owning a real estate business is both profitable and satisfying. Due to an increase in population, the need for housing keeps on increasing day by day. It is for this reason that real estate emerges as one of the less risky investments regardless of where you are.

Consumer Commodities – Basic Necessities

Consumer commodities Consumer Commodities ranges from clothing’s, food, electronics, and all sorts of appliances and these are day-to-day basic necessities, a human being cannot live without food nor clothing. So investing in consumer commodities gives you a chance to excel.

Technology Industry – The Future of Business

With the fact that we are living in the digital information age. Phones , computers ,televisions Etc. are a daily dosage of Our Lives and will continue to be so in unpredictable future as the world comes together. So dealing in this sector doesn’t only Grant you success but a future tangible enough to rely on.

The bottom line; Regardless of the myths surrounding investment, you should not give up nor relent but look out for Investments that suits your capability with a consideration to what has been outlined above

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