Consistency: Key to Better Business Returns from Zero to Prada

April 16, 2024, by Tom Jawado

Consistency: Key to Better Business Returns from Zero to Prada by Tom Jawado

Starting a business, whether it’s large or small, has never been as hard as keeping it going. Sometimes, entrepreneurs from different industries embark on their journeys in business, but how many of them live to see the light of their profits? Have you ever asked yourself?

Well, mostly, the ultimate answer lies in how consistent you are in your business. Consistency is the act of staying focused on your set business goals to achieve them or indulging yourself in routine activities that guarantee distinctiveness and productivity.

That’s why the journey of Tadala Chimutu, a 25-year-old lady from Kasungu on the outskirts of the capital city of Malawi, is remarkable. What may appear to be the heavy pouring of hard work, Tadala’s journey is fully incorporated with consistency. She has consistently kept her small business alive from its genesis to date.

Tadala Chimutu – Founder at Utawaleza Kambuzi Sauce
Tadala owns a hit Kambuzi sauce processing business by the name of Utawaleza Kambuzi Sauce. Kambuzi is one of the rare, small, and spherical chili peppers cultivated in the central part of Malawi. If you asked her, she could tell you that she didn’t start out with kambuzi processing. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in education from the University of Malawi, she tried other businesses. However, regrettably due to other factors, inconsistency included, they all got shelled off with the winds.

But in the year 2017, Tadala took a totally different turn when one of her aunts visited her at her family home wherein, she shared the kambuzi sauce recipe. As someone who had never obtained any training in food processing, all she could do was mix and blend whatever felt could work in the comfort of her kitchen, and surprisingly she produced a very unique kambuzi sauce with a terrific taste and mild flavor. According to her customers’ remarks, her kambuzi sauce is extraordinarily the only one whose taste goes with any type of food, fruit, salad, and meat. It also works wonders in marinating meats as it has a tenderizer in it. Her product in contrast to some others in the market may be kept unrefrigerated as long as one uses it.

With the customer base, particularly in Malawi and South Africa, Tadala can sing a song of praise. With profits earned, she manages to amplify her business by buying necessary equipment and helping her family. She uses her customers’ feedback to enhance her recipe. She continued to say, “I no longer take my customers’ critics personally but, as an alternative, to improve the quality of my product.”

On quality, she vows that she can never compromise it. She believes that everybody deserves something of higher quality. Being in food production, failure to maintain quality might heavily affect marketing, hence she subsequently sticks to standards no matter how much strain and pressure she might have.

In what looks perfectly like the future of sauce production, Tadala dreams of having as many channels in marketing as she can. Her goal is to increase her production and create her base beyond every reach. She vehemently believes that her business is a success with a pillar of consistency. And when asked how she does her magic, here is how she laid it all down:

Be visionary in your goals. As someone who had zero knowledge of food processing, it was hard at first to have a direction on what I could do. Then I found out that one needs to have goals before having a direction and make sure that he/she knows where those goals are taking him/her. So my goal was to produce a unique and high-quality kambuzi sauce. Tadala’s vision for her business has been a driving force behind her success. By setting clear goals, she was able to focus her efforts on creating a product that was both unique and of high quality. As a result, she has been able to create a loyal customer base that continues to support her business.

Another key to Tadala’s success has been her ability to delegate tasks effectively. As a business owner, she understands the importance of leveraging the skills and expertise of others to achieve her goals. This has allowed her to increase production and expand her business, even during the off-season when raw materials are scarce.

In addition to effective delegation, Tadala emphasizes the importance of sticking to a routine. By following a set schedule and maintaining consistency in her operations, she has been able to ensure the quality and efficiency of her product.

Finally, Tadala stresses the importance of meeting deadlines and delivering her product on time. This not only helps her maintain her customer base but also ensures that she can meet demand and avoid costly delays in production.

In conclusion, Tadala’s success story is a testament to the power of consistency in business. By setting clear goals, delegating tasks effectively, sticking to a routine, and meeting deadlines, she has been able to create a thriving business that continues to grow and expand. For anyone looking to start or grow a business, Tadala’s story is a powerful reminder that with hard work, dedication, and consistency, anything is possible.

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